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The Great Australian Smoking Racket Continues!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

by Pippas Starr

October 4, 2021

Smoking is on track to keep killing people,

but not in a way that most people think!

Australia Has A Smoking Problem & it’s taxes are being laundered by those who are meant to prevent the problem!

The Great Australian Racket Continues!

Australia's smoking rate is declining at a snails pace, well behind the USA & UK, but it get's worse!

As if 21000 people dying from smoking this year isn’t a big enough problem, Australia is now on track to see tragic deaths occur via misdiagnosis due to moral panic over conditions that simply don’t exist.

Wait, What?

Recently in Canada a young man presented to hospital with health complaints.

Once he explained to a doctor he was vaping he was sent home.

The following day he died from a misdiagnosed blood clot that was totally unrelated to him vaping.

In fact there has never been a death, deadly heart or lung disease ever attributed to nicotine vaping, zip, zilch, zero, none!

It doesn’t make sensational media headlines to tell that real story, so some

"desperate for relevance" journalists literally "find" situations that might be almost believable and beat it up!

It's irresponsible and it's potentially very deadly!

Where do they get these stories?

That is almost a mystery, but it’s becoming very apparent that there is a very scared “quit industry” that relies on many millions of Australian taxpayers money each year that literally relies on smoking being a problem!

Are those stories/fairy tales being fed for the same people?

If smoking is no longer a problem, because the world’s most popular and effective quit smoking method is threatening their expensive cars and big salaries then that is a huge problem to some.

One super wealthy Tesla driving “health advisor” scours shops for days to gather a booty of illegally sold cheap Chinese vape sticks, but rather than contact authorities like a guardian angel he seemingly professes to be,

he asks school principals to contact him.

Another anti-vaping advocate lives on more than $347000 a year of WA taxpayers money under the guise of helping to make smoking history, while appearing to do little other than perpetuating myths about vaping in an effort to quash it before it squashes smoking rates.

If there’s not enough people smoking, then there is not enough interest in government's virtue signalling money aka-pork barreling money out the door to those organisations/people that profess to be helping to bring Australian smoking rates down.

They did a great job in the past but in the last 8 years it appears they have clearly lost focus and become hypnotized by the dollar signs in their eyes.

These people are professional, organised, money launders and Australian taxpayers are being taken as fools!

There is a micro-economic ecosystem in Australia that has relied on perpetuating misdirection and misinformation about the most effective smoking alternatives that have helped over 68 million people quit smoking across the world and over 600000 Australians, with NO loss of life, let alone a deadly or debilitating heart or lung condition!

The Australian Health minister is in on it, federal and state health departments are in on it, as well as several other health organisations and bodies that literally rely on a smoking problem existing.

Some knowingly, I suspect some are just going along with it.

It's all part of the effort to obtain the huge booties of taxpayer’s cash under the guise of smoking each year while it's still up for grabs.

Even the Quitline is in on it, as they received another $3 million dollars last week via a Closed door grant to the Cancer Council Victoria!

TGA chairman John Skerrit admitted this week to the ABC that the ban on vaping on October 1 was to prevent people from vaping, yet It was touted earlier that the measure taken to enforce nicotine vapes at the Australian border with $220000 fines and enforce adult vapers to get a doctor’s prescription was to save the kids!

In reality, it was a lazy way of not having to enforce already existing laws that prevent under 18's from purchasing vape products and make it more difficult for adult smokers to quit.

Why don't cigarettes require a prescription?

Yet kids of parents who have quit smoking via nicotine vaping are going home panicked and pleading with their parents to quit vaping.

There does appear to be a small issue with teens vaping rarely enforced and illegally obtained vapes in high schools, but the media driven diatribe would have the average person thinking it’s a massive pandemic sized outbreak.

According to the most recent and accurate figures 1.8% of 14–17 year old teens are experimenting with nicotine vaping products.

While no teen or anyone who hasn’t smoked before should really be using nicotine vaping devices, it hasn’t caused any harms of significant health concerns.

What is concerning though is the outright lies and lack of transparency that is becoming more obvious each week, as we see media beat ups on vaping that have less accuracy than a cheap supermarket women’s tabloid magazine.

A few weeks ago it was said that a 19 year old Sydney woman got pleurisy from vaping nicotine which has never occurred anywhere in the world before and is about as likely to be caused by vaping as you being hit by lightning while reading this.

However, this is the start of the "moral panic misdiagnosis risk" that is starting to be played out in Australia.

The taxpayer funded ecosystem that feeds anti-vaping recipients under the guise of "helping smoking rates", have their tentacles into nearly any minor case that can offer weight to their narrative and journalists to write it for them, in a well organised attempt to quash nicotine vaping.

In a time when print media and mainstream media is on their knees to remain relevant, they run with stories they often know very little, if anything about in a desperate plea to try and remain relevant.

Today another example popped up out of the blue on the ABC about a 15 year old Sydney girl who unfortunately had pneumonia in both lungs, last year!

Why is this news now?

Shouldn’t we have heard about this last year?

The doctor was quoted saying

“I don't think we will ever be 100 per cent certain what the cause was”,

yet the headline said “it was vaping that put her in ICU".

The Doctor also pointed out it was the only case in Australia to date!

Watch out for those thunder strikes caused by flying pigs and unicorns!

Correlation is never causation!

But if a vaper goes to hospital with a condition that could be micro-believably attributed to vaping then it must be that big bad nicotine vaping!

As the old media saying goes, “you can’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!”.

The head of Quitline Victoria Sarah White, seemed to be all over a story in the Guardian recently, that had no evidence presented of claims they were making about health issues that were alleged to have arisen in a Western Australian Hospital.

She tweeted :

“In a recent three-week period, a major Western Australian hospital treated a teenager suffering seizures after vaping too much nicotine,

a toddler with cardiac issues after drinking e-cigarette liquid,

and a death attributed to drinking e-cigarette liquid.

Now don’t get me wrong these claims are very concerning and the public deserves solid factual media about such health issues, but not when there is NO apparent evidence to back these claims.

I replied to that tweet 2 days ago the following:

"I'm very disturbed about this Sarah, do you know the name of the hospital,

&/or if the teen who had seizures had any other underlying health issues,

&/or if death attributed to drinking nicotine was suicide related or

toddler cardiac issue was from a childproof bottle?

No reply was given.


She keenly offered replies to other questions knowledgeably on the tweet.

Maybe, there was no evidence one can only deduce?

Busy over the weekend?

She tweets nearly every day, including today!

In 2021 it is more important than ever before to let the facts drive the story,

especially when it comes to health. Sadly, there are people who will be turned off positive health outcomes due to misdirected narratives fed to the media around vaping.

It’s appalling that this situation where media driven moral panic has now driven laws that went into place on October 1 that now makes deadly cigarettes more accessible to Australian’s than the most effective and at least 95% safer alternative (ie. nicotine vaping) that has and continues to help more smokers quit than anything else on this earth in recent times.

It’s past time Australian media stopped lying and misdirecting in a vain attempt to remain relevant, Australian taxpayers stopped paying for it and Australian’s stopped voting for this absurd ecosystem that allows deaths by smoking to run free in Australia.

This needs to happen before Australia see's unnecessary deaths attributed to a misdiagnosis, due to moral panic as it did in Canada!

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