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Welcome to one of the most important websites that aims to help Australians advocate for a tobacco harm reduced future! 

As an independent vaping consumer with no conflicts of interests in this topic and as a well researched and experienced voluntary harm reduction advocate, I aim to help  bring Australian harm reduction advocates together and also influence sensible and risk proportionate change to Australian Health policy!

I can't to it alone, but I know with your support we can see Australia become smokefree while also maintaining a liberal approach without stifling the freedoms of adult choices! 

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The aim of this site will be to help provide some of the most comprehensive evidence guided  information on all forms of tobacco harm reduction products avaible in Australia. 

This is not an advertising site or a site that offers medical advice, please see your trusted doctor for that.

The other Aim is to be able to breakdown the history of Australia's relationship with nicotine to help everyone understand how we have come to this point, where a product that kills 20000 Australians per year can be legally accessed anywhere, and nicotine harm reduction products like vaping, snus, pouches, and heat not burn products that have never killed or caused a deadly disease are outlawed. 


I welcome your views, stories, experiences and information! Tell me about them! 

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