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Advocate For Better Laws

Unjust laws that cause more harm than good just isn't in Australia's best intrests!

We don't have to be alone in this battle!

Taking action together, along with having the best information,

we will create a healthier smokefree Australia! 

Public Demonstration

Calls To Action

What can you do right now to help make positive changes to tobacco harm reduction in Australia?

Check out all the calls to action on one page made simple and easy for you!  


Woman at Work

Tips For
How To Advocate

We hear you, sometimes you feels like your in a David Vs Goliath battle that seems like your not getting far. Click below for some top tips from some of Australia's most experienced and successful harm reduction advocates. 


Team Hugging

The Advocacy Community

Getting involved with other advoactes and like minded individuals to share your experiences and bounce ideas off is a great way to develop your confidence in harm reduction advocacy.

Click below to learn more!

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