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Steve's Story

Hi my name is Steve.

I have now been smoke free for over 10 years. 

I became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

Since quitting smoking for good I have been able to enjoy sailing a lot more without running out of breath as oppossed to when I was a smoker.

Steve's Full Quit Story

I am a 68 year old ex-smoker (over 40 years of pack a day)


On March 13, 2014 (over ten years ago) my sister came to visit me in Australia from the USA.

I picked her up at Tullamarine and she pulled out a vape, a Kanger Evod, and had a puff.

I asked her what it was, and she told me she had not smoked a cigarette in 2 years thanks to vaping.


We had learned to smoke together as teens, so I was astounded.

I asked her if I could try it, took a puff, and NEVER smoked again from that moment on.

Not ONE SINGLE CIGARETTE, ever again, for the next decade.


Inspired by my ability to quit immediately and so easily after years of trying all conventional NRT without success,
my very happy wife and I started a Specialist Vape shop to help others quit smoking.

In our ten years of operation, despite relentless attacks from the government, we have helped over 70,000 Australian adults quit smoking, 

using our intimate knowledge of vaping products and our personal success to help others achieve the same freedom from smoking.


I must admit it has been a VERY hard ten years, mostly in recent times due to lies spread by government misinformation propaganda.

We ran a tight ship, age restricted, no nicotine sold, etc. We did not get rich by any means, in fact, after the Prescription Model was introduced by Greg Hunt, a black market in nicotine sales
resulted in diminished sales for legitimate shops like ourselves to the point where in the last quarter of 2023 we actually operated at a loss.


The attacks from government caused us significant mental and financial distress, yet we persevered because we knew, VAPING SAVES LIVES!

That is a simple fact, and the anti-vaping zealots will never prove otherwise. Science does not lie.


We sleep quite well at night knowing that we did the right thing, many lives were saved, however now we face financial devastation as we approach retirement age

due to the greedy government's ridiculous vape ban implemented to increase tobacco taxes in their coffers,

BUT they will never drive me back to smoking. We win in the end.


I also win from improved health, and the fact that 70,000 other ex-smokers I helped who are experiencing the same improvements in energy levels, improved immune systems,
and improved breathing, not to mention avoidance of the leading cause of cancer.


To paraphrase Mr. Spock in typical Vulcan logic, "We may not prosper, but we shall certainly live long."


(To those that may question the validity of my testimonial, I give permission to Pippa to have ANYONE contact me to verify that all the above is gospel truth!)

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