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"Why Vaping With Nicotine Should Be Banned Now!"

by Pippa Starr August 1, 2020

There are over a billion smokers in the world today who are at two thirds risk from dying as a result of smoking a combustible tobacco product.

They can just quit, right? They could but what would that do to the economy?

Relax, if you're a smoker, you are not a burden, you are helping!

In 2003 Hon Lik changed the look of smoking forever. After a failed attempt by visionary Herbet A Gilbert in 1963 to get a vape style device off the ground, Hon Lik managed what he couldn't. Just 17 years later, it is approximated that around over 41 million or more former smokers have found a way to quit smoking with vaping.

It might well be better for a smokers health to quit and switch to vaping, but so what?

The world economy literally relies on around 1/7th of the population smoking. If vaping gets a hold on that market share there could be dire consequences that could see economic shifts that would bring devastating consequences to wealthy pharmaceutical companies and their employees as well many areas of medical treatment and associated industries that have relied on smoking for many centuries. Not to mention the millions of tobacco industry employees as well as medical staff at hospitals that are often occupied by around 30% of patients that are being treated as a result of a tobacco related illness.

Governments across the world rely heavily on the taxation revenue from cigarettes to help build roads and infrastructure. If vaping, with all it's promising success that it has shown over the last 17 years, was allowed to continue occupying a significant portion of that market share that tobacco and related illness treating services hold now, the world economy could see a dramatic tsunami effect of jobs and livelihoods being wiped out.

How many medical and or associated industry staff do you know? Chances are, if vaping takes a bigger hold, a massive proportion of them wouldn't have a job. Many radiologists, cardiologists, lung specialists, and associated health industry workers could be slashed by as much as 30% in the next 10-15 years if vaping gets any more popular.

The kids are even taking to this vaping epidemic because they understand it won't harm them as much as smoking will. It's become a massive public and economic situation with dire consequences.

Since 5000BC Smoking tobacco has been a fine tradition that our world economy has been able to rely on. If our governments don't ban vaping now, the governments and the people who they voted for could stand to lose copious amounts of income revenue that is relied on to fix roads, bridges, maintain public transport and more. There are dire consequences!

To those who are only thinking of themselves and tried quitting with vaping nicotine, stop now!

The economy is relying on you to die or get sick by smoking!

It is your civic duty to help avoid another dire worldwide economic collapse and continue to smoke!

Every cigarette might shorten your life but it may also shorten the careers of many! Don't be so selfish! Quit vaping today! Start smoking, or deliberately fail by using a nicotine patch then smoke again, either way you will be doing your bit to avoid a generation of vaping demons bringing down the world economy!

* this is satire, if it offends you in any way then maybe that's why it was written.


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