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Pigs Don't Save Lives, They Are Bacon!

by Pippa Starr

7 March 2021

It’s only early in 2021 and Anti-vaping activists have wasted no time in ramping up their efforts to try and character assassinate anyone who they can find that supports greater accessibility to safer than smoking nicotine delivery systems.

The downright immature mud fight has not eased at all in recent weeks within the dialogue shared by Anti-vaper extremist movements in Australia.

It’s a one-way dialogue challenge where those who support and advocate for healthier lives with safer and more effective nicotine delivery, try and only guess why anyone would be against safer alternatives like vaping. While Anti-vaping extremists scour the twitter-sphere for “gotcha moments” behind a roadblock to dialogue with pro Vaping activists.

No doubts there are times where dialogue exchanged between the two factions that ultimately are meant to be fighting for the same thing get heated, but one-way communication has never been the answer to advancing positive outcomes.

The war staged upon those who have fought hard to prevent the Australian government from 3 different nicotine importation ban cut off dates over the last 10 months or so, has hit levels that are nothing but a distraction to trying to reduce the god-awful tragedy of 21000 smokers dying each year in Australia from smoking.

I wont lie, I have found myself at times being caught up and distracted in this emotional debate at times from what truly matters most, which is saving people from premature death caused by smoking!

No longer will I be dragged into their mud!

As far as I’m concerned there is no battle or war anymore around the subject of safer viable options to help people quit smoking.

There are those who embrace reality and those who don’t that cause unnecessary deaths. Those who wish to play character assassination games and cause deflective dialogue from the real subject at hand are wasting time while people’s lives are being cut short, it’s that simple.

It’s become extremely saddening that those behind the scenes who advise the Australian Government on how to reduce the smoking rate have failed, but it is equally saddening to see those who do, appear to disengage themselves from open dialogue with smokers and vapers.

The debate around vaping in Australia has become anything but about saving lives from some deeply nasty pigs!

To think that our government health department and health minister can sit back and know this is happening is deeply disturbing.

Why does this happen?

Why is this allowed to happen?

The answer to those questions really doesn’t matter once you are focused on the one thing that really does matter and that is caring for real people with real lives that need healthier outcomes so they can have a chance to experience a better life.

The science is there, the outcomes around safer nicotine alternatives is clear.

The most effective (at least 60%) and most popular way to quit smoking is with at least 95% safer vaping with nicotine.

There has been NO deaths, no heart disease, lung disease, cancer or any other life debilitating illness from ANY alternative nicotine delivery systems like vaping and heat not burn devices.

Those people who choose to stifle the inevitable outcome of alternative nicotine delivery systems overtaking more harmful combustible smoking products will eventually have to face up to their lies and propaganda on their watch.

But, as with any evil and egotistical narcissists, you have a choice to feed that animal or not.

Stopping to feed that animal will only slow down positive progress and by jumping in the mud with the pigs will only see those who do get dirty and the pigs will enjoy it more than you!

There are choices in how best to engage with other smokers, vapers and legislators in Australia. One can either stay stuck in the mud of the pig pen with those who are obviously stifling positive health outcomes or become the solution by cancelling the trip to the pig pen.

It’s past time to cancel pigs from the necessary conversation that Australians dearly need to know about. People need to know that there is a huge surge of people quitting smoking with much safer and viable alternative nicotine delivery methods and who ever gets in the way of that saving lives, no matter what their agenda will be cancelled by those who truly care about lives!

It’s time to empty the pig trough and cancel the pigs!


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