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Who The Hell Is Pippa Starr?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

"A mini self autobiography & Why Pippa's Live?"

July 13, 2020

I lost my religion after my father became a priest. I lost my dignity while cursing gay people. I had a career in the construction industry when I really wanted a career in media and the arts.

As a lesbian atheist middle aged woman my life was seemingly a farce and a massive personal contradiction. As a daughter of a preacher man while being a suppressed gay woman, living a life growing up in the 80's was a unique experience. It was an era when gay people hid around corners in fear of bashings, it was an era when people used to go to Church when it wasn't for a funeral, wedding or christenings.

This was my era of teenage discovery though. At the time Boy George was a freak, footy was the second religion in the household and rissoles and roast vegetables was a gourmet dinner.

I was lost in a world of personal conflict and personal contradictions while surviving in a world of bigotry and fear that gave little chance for most people like me to discover their full potential.

I grew up in a time when I would go to bed with the haunting sounds of Sting singing "I hope the Russians love their children too" ringing in my mind while panicking for my life as a young and naive youth thinking the world was about to end. I would survive those negative thoughts by pumping up the volume on Dad's cassette deck (when he wasn't around) to Starship's "We Built This City On Rock On Roll". It was a seemingly senseless song that took me away from the fears going through my mind. I would of played that nearly 20 times a day to escape from what was a gloomy picture of an inevitable nuclear destruction of the world in my mind.

I played sports that I would never dreamed of playing. I hung out with the guys when I really wanted to hang out with the girls.

Fast forward to 2012 in a lot better era where it's beginning to become acceptable for girls to play cowboys and Indians and for a sub 10 year old boy to play dress ups with the girls, it was fast becoming a different era to the one I grew up in.

I was 38 though. I just got a role as a state sales manager in the construction supplies field that paid very well. As I was driving down a highway at 100km an hour I hit a massive puddle of muddy water that washed over the windscreen blinding me for critical seconds. As the water washed away and I suddenly swerve past the guard rail, just missing it, I count my lucky stars for having a second chance at life.

I realised that I was close to my mortality for the second time in my life. I knew from that point forward I could no longer keep living a life of contradiction.

At the time I was engaged to a lovely lady who really didn't know me. No one really knew me as I was to afraid to let my guard down to the person that I really was. I was a person of character that felt compelled to meet the social and environmental expectations of who they saw before them. It was a facade.

No longer could I stand for another day of being a walking talking construct of the society and upbringing that I was raised in. It was time to get real with myself and others and live this short thing we have called life to the fullest. Since then I have.

Some may say I have made more changes than they can bare. The honest truth is I haven't changed at all, they just didn't get to see the real me that was blinded behind the blacked out window that society seemed to help me construct. That window is smashed now.

What you see now is what you get from the real me. Sometimes raw, sometimes controversial or even down right challenging. I don't hide from the truth and I despise those who tell lies. Why? I am not playing a game in this precious thing called life.

Everyone has a real story that needs to be heard. Everyone has had an amazing journey, even when you don't realise it. We all have much to learn by not only hearing your stories but it can also help us as a modern society to learn from your journey.

In a world where it often seems that no one wants to really listen, where those who rule with their gold seem to find the biggest voices, it's past time to find your voice.

That's why "Pippa's Live" is now a thing. It's a platform where the masses can have their stories told even when the media may not think it's important. It's a platform for all of us to have a voice, hell who knows, maybe even create some positive change without having our views stifled by our outdated and fundamentally flawed financial and political system.

Write an article (once you have a log in), come on a live show and tell your story and or opinion on a subject you are passionate about (email me). Record a podcast if you like for me to upload (email it to me). As long as your being real with yourself and others, this is your soap box.

This is the place to have your say. You can share articles, media, podcasts easily to all social media platforms. In an era where other media outlets may censor your views,

I encourage them!

Note: Naturally, inciting violence or rebelling against the laws of any country won't be permitted but positive law change discussions are encouraged.

Tell your mates about this, subscribe to our You Tube channel and follow us on the social media platforms.

Be in the moment!

This Is That Moment!

& Stay beautiful!

Thank you for reading. Pip


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