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Make it Rain Mr Hunt? Not On Our Watch!

30 June , 2020

Why does our government suddenly want to control the nicotine market in Australia?

There's $159441.18 Million Dollars worth of reasons why!

They said it was the recent poisonings. They also said it was the children being encouraged to smoke via an "on-ramp" caused by vaping in a false narrative that has more to do with poor discipline of a generation guided by government guild lines to parenting that over reach.

It has nothing to do with well managed vape stores who can only legally sell non-nicotine products to people that are 18+ years of age in Australia. Vape stores don't sell or are legally able to sell vape products that include nicotine ANYWHERE in Australia. While in the UK they have stores that do sell nicotine e-cigarette products in hospitals. We were all young pesky buggers once, but we turned to our parents and pleaded "I'm sorry". This new generation will tell their parents often, "I don't have to, I have rights you know!". If the poisonings issue was so dam urgent for Mr Hunt then why has it taken him since February last year when tragically a toddler died as a result of an accidental nicotine consumption. One main theory I have is that it always pays to follow the money trail. Hot off the press, market research that no doubts the Government health advisers are privy to a lot sooner (in April 2020) than us plebs in the general public was just released yesterday.

It appears there is a massive growth curve expected that will see the global nicotine replacement therapy market more than quadruple between now and 2027 to a massive $159441.18 Million Dollars.

There are many who want to ride on that massive wave of growth and grab their slice of the gold in this gold rush! Recent figures released in April 2020 by *Data Bridge Market Research that was just released yesterday to the public via,are simply astonishing and would make any savvy investor lick their lips and begin switching their portfolios of shares toward big pharma companies that are set to ride this massive wave of expected growth over the next 7 years. The government knows this, their shills and bureaucrats know this and they want as much gold as they can get! They don't want us, as former smokers to have a better life. They don't care! It's about getting on this giant wave of growth and bringing in those sweet taxes and support the investments of their inner circle on the back of an at least $35000 million dollars plus worth of expected NRT distribution by 2027 in Australia.

I ask you again now, why did it take nearly a year and a half for Mr Hunt to act "urgently" to a tragic nicotine poisoning? I can think of at least 35000 million reasons why, You be the judge. *Opinions expressed in this article are my own and you are welcome.


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