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FORMALDEHYDE! There’s no where to hide! Will it make us all die?

June 8, 2023

by Pippa Starr

Take a good look at the picture below of an installation put in a science exhibit in Melbourne Australia yesterday.

It’s meant to reflect what is in a vapour from a vape.

For context: Today I tried vaping on my nail polish and my nail polish remains firm. Last week I vaped all over the weeds in my garden, the weeds are still alive there.

I vaped all over my swimming pool but the testing kit still suggests I need to add chlorine.

Seems ridiculous?

You would be right! It is!

There are dangerous chemicals in all of our bodies right now,

they’re in the water we drink & the air that we breathe!

Should we all stop drinking water?

Should we all stop breathing?

There are chemicals in the air and drinking water eg. Formaldehyde, that can be found at higher concentrations than what can be found in a vape.

Clearly it’s about the scale or proportion.

Hence we can go about our lives without getting poisoned by our own bodies, air, water or a vape!

This recent scare campaign by


 & @SandroDemaio

It is careless, irresponsible, and distorts people’s understanding of scale and science.

I recommend for proper evidence and clarity to look at some of the most extensive studies around this issue!

 I recommend for proper evidence and @RobertoSussman and @FarsalinosK.

They have done the work in intricate details to help us all keep issues like this proportionally accurate with real evidence and it’s accessible.

ALL Australian Health Authorities really need to put an immediate freeze on this sort of disproportionate public information & indoctrination, till further proportion can be properly educated to avoid reducing people’s understanding of basic science ASAP!

Because right now, it appears a lot of Public Health officials in Australia also need to be educated too!!

And it’s telling the world, Australian scientists are either dumb, easily fooled or just uneducated!

Let’s Improve Vaping Education!


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