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Did Big Pharma Just Hook A Generation Of Kids?

By Pippa Starr

August 12, 2020

They could not fight back the tsunami of change that this new generation of product brings. They knew that they had left their run at creating something as good or better way to late!

Who are they?

That’s a complex question because basically they are the faceless people within the Big Pharma and Big Tobacco industries who stand to lose many, many billions of dollars of profit in the face of massive growth seen in the industry that are ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Devices) & ENDS related products.

Big Pharma’s tentacles of control spreads deep down as they are determined to influence the public that they have a superior product when clearly, they don’t compare to ENDS products. The growth in this sector has punters investing excessively big as over $159441.18 Million dollars are expected to be up for grabs in this sector by 2027.

A growing vape market with over 42 million people is interrupting the sales of Big Tobacco & Big Pharma products and they are not excited about this prospect at all. They have no choice but to fight back. They have huge money and resources to fight back against a seemingly relentless ENDS industry, while it keeps growing year on year.

They tried pushing back against ENDS products by funding studies that made ENDS products look as bad as they possibly could. They stretched every finite particle into a front page article of false truths. Many mice were killed as they put them in chambers that did not even come close to resembling conditions that a human ENDS product user would come close to replicating.

After a massive campaign of faking and grossly exaggerating science papers from some so called “reputable” sources that were happy to get funding from the tentacles of Big Pharma, they were seeing the vape industry rapidly grow. This frustrated them to no end.

On the other hand, Big Tobacco conceded they needed to create another harm reduction device that could keep their dying market engaged. It cost billions to develop their device called the “IQOS”, but they are seeing returns with 60 Billion heat sticks sold last year and expected to rise to 100 billion by 2021.

Let’s go back to 2016. Big Pharma sales targets for their Nicotine Replacement Therapy products are under siege as smokers find better alternatives to quit with ENDS products. They understand that their fake science is being debunked and it is becoming extremely embarrassing for them.

It’s time for drastic action. What would they do?

When in doubt target the kids!

A new strategy was adopted. It involved targeting kids with anti-vape advertisements across every media platform that had reach. It involved getting “Don’t Vape” posters in schools.

As the “Don’t message” to the kids about vaping was getting out far and wide, the numbers of kids engaging with and trying vaping products increased. Some would say that correlation alone of kids vaping more although they are being told not to would be a definite sign of a very unsuccessful campaign.

Make no mistake, this is a campaign that involves many billions of dollars being at stake. Big Pharma would literally do anything to keep the flow of their sales targets met. They knew by telling a generation of kids “No” that it would spark curiosity in vaping products. The rebellion characteristic of teens is not news and it was an attribute that the tentacles of Big Pharma were not afraid to take advantage of.

The most successful method of getting kids to try vaping appears to be via bathroom posters. They even got the kids to draw them. Their plan is working as they introduce kids that would not have normally been exposed to vaping. This was exactly the ammunition they needed to tell governments, the public and whoever they could, to sell the narrative that these products need to be banned!

Big Pharma knew that by using and hooking the kids, it was their best chance to get vaping bans in motion. It has worked to a degree with many countries and other governments across the world banning various ENDS products. There is no telling just how many smokers have been turned off the option of using ENDS products to try and quit.

Big Pharma and their widespread funded networks will stop at nothing to keep their profits rolling. There is an ever-growing list of around 6800+ prescribed medications and many thousands more of unprescribed products of theirs on the market. Treating smoking related illness is a hugely significant slice of that pie that Big Pharma relies on.

Their tentacles of influence have literally convinced people into believing in the narrative that they have produced by hooking a generation of kids.

If enough people hear something it becomes true, right?

What is clear, although controversial. Big Pharma along with their networks have literally fooled a generation and created a generation of kids vaping in a bold attempt to push market interrupting ENDS products out. They have not succeeded yet.

They have introduced a generation of kids to vaping that saw some severe detrimental consequences last year when youths started putting non nicotine vaping products in vape devices that led to many tragic deaths.

The vaping industry still has a battle on its hands in this David & Goliath struggle against the power of influence that Big Pharma have. We are even seeing the FDA replicate the bathroom poster strategy to promote vaping to kids. Those posters include showing them how to navigate around the devices that were released last week.

ENDS products were never designed to target non adult users. If some dubious Chinese manufactures did, it was to make a quick buck because Big Pharma created that market with their relentless campaign strategies. ENDS users are adults. They are Moms, Pops, Grandma’s and just normal adults that were unfairly introduced to smoking.

If you are reading this article and thinking this could not all be true, then I challenge you to follow the path of money. Take time to see who has funded the campaigns that have hooked a generation of kids. Then take a look at where the majority of ENDS products come from and where they are sold. In the majority they are small business owners that want nothing but a better future of health for themselves, their employees and their customers. They don’t promote massive campaigns marketing to kids.

They don’t promote to kids at all!

If you find any, report them and have them arrested and charged!

They are literally helping generations of adult smokers to quit when other means didn’t work.

Have you been fooled by the tentacles of a Big Pharma influence?

If you wish to quit smoking, you are an adult.

Do what works for you!

If you are a kid who vapes or is told by Mommy to pretend you did in a cash for comments campaign, put your donated vape down and tell Mommy to get a real job that doesn’t involve taking money for fake news, stay off the vape and know this is only an adult product for adults to quit smoking!


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