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Australia’s Health Minister Is Making Smoking Great Again!

by Pippa Starr

20 May, 2021

The good ‘ol days of a smoke & a joke while knocking the froth off a cold one is as cliché Australian as “G’day Mate, how ya goin?”

“Knocking the froth off a cold one” (aka having a beer) is as quintessential to our Australian culture as “Ya got a light mate?”

This culture is under threat, but have no fear while our mate Greg Hunt is here!

In recent years, the pub culture that has developed in Australia over the last century of having a bet on the horses with your mates, dropping your change into the closest pokie machine with a smoke in one hand and a beer in the other has come under massive threat.

The hotel industry took a huge knock when patrons were forced outside in the cold to have a smoke resulting in an unprecedented number of pubs having to close their doors for good with all their history lost forever.

However, there is hope for this culture to make a comeback!

Your favourite health minister Greg Hunt is helping to bring smoking back into the Australian culture from October this year!

He has a grand plan that has already been knocked back by around 30 of his cabinet mates in the LNP, but that won’t stop him bringing smoking back!

Our Greg, he’s our mate and a good ‘ol Aussie battler, right?

Maybe smoking won’t make a comeback into the pubs just yet, but he has had enough of the trending vaping culture leaking across our Australian borders!

Greg Hunt has his own political party against him and the 520000+ trendy Australians that have quit smoking via vaping against him, forcing him to step back from this grand plan to bring smoking back last year, but he’s our Greg and he is a determined bugger!

From October 2021, the “trendies” blowing clouds via vaping with nicotine will be forced by law to get a prescription from a doctor to get hold of their essential ingredient nicotine!

Greg says it’s to protect the kids, but we know that’s not true because the kids can legally purchase and access nicotine products from age 12 in supermarkets and chemists. Oh our Greg, "he's a thinker!". He's our spin king!

Greg’s good like that, he could spin a bottle top on a pencil, he’s that good!

For centuries Australia has relied on our pub culture to provide jobs for our health sector. If it weren’t for all the alcohol and smoking related disease in Australia, where would all the nurses and doctors get a job?

Vaping could threaten that important part of our culture. The growth of vaping among adults has boomed over recent years, although it’s been made illegal in all states and territories in Australia.

Don't worry, our master of “Make Smoking Great Again”, aka Greg Hunt has a master plan though. If we can make these vaping trendies get a prescription it will make it too hard for most of them and most won’t bother as you need to pass at least 20 places to buy your smokes before even getting a doctors script.

They will just grab a pack of smokes!

It’s a genius plan! 3 cheers for Greg!

At least 200000 out of the existing 520000+ vapers have said they will go back to smoking rather than get a prescription.

It will save and create jobs in our health sector, it will help keep the 4th highest source of tax revenue via tobacco taxes flowing on tap and who knows maybe even help Australia return to the good ol days when having a smoke, a joke and a frothy at the bar is normal again!

Wait, What?

You want Australians to be healthy and avoid the massive annual economic burden of $140+ billion dollars per year caused by smoking related disease and illness?

But, what about our culture?

Greg is our man of culture and our smooth talking larrikin that we can look up to though, isn’t he?

Raise your smoke & your glass, 3 cheers for Greg!

Hip Hooray Hip Hooray Hip Hooray!


But, vaping with nicotine has been endorsed by both the Royal College of Physicians England & Public health England as being an at least a 95% safer alternative to smoking and is an at least 60% more effective way to quit than any other method while not causing any deaths to any of the 60+ million vapers over the last 18 years?

So what!

We need death & disease in Australia to get our Australian economy back to the good ol days! Our families made sacrifices so we can enjoy these freedoms, didn’t they?

I know 3 out of 4 of my grandparents did. They died from a tobacco related illness and did what was best for our Australian culture.

The question is, do we part with our Australian culture of the past and support our visionary health minister Greg Hunt who is determined to bring smoking back or do we cancel our Australian culture and make smoking history?

It’s up to you and our mates!

We can either vote to make smoking great again, or let the trendy safer vapers have their way!

What will you vote for in this year’s federal election?

Will you help Greg "Make Smoking Great Again ?"


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