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All Rise For The Grand Poobah!

by Pippa Starr

March 1, 2021

"People who occupy seats in the great castle of Canberra are looking down on the old “Grand Poohbah” and beginning to question whether they have drunk the juice from the wrong chalice for too long."

“All rise! , Grand Poobah has entered the room!”

“Listen up! "

"Our holiness Grand Poobah has a few words”

“Indeed, I do Barney Swansong, all be seated!”

“It has come to my attention that a Queensland vaping blogger is trying to dethrone the very floundation that our very flaboulous organisation was built upon!” explains the "Grand Poobah".

“We have come to lecognise that lis type of rhetoric has come under lootiny, hmm hmm sorry scrutiny before, so as usual we must assassinate them at once!”

It takes a satirical genius to create a situation where an important story that effects lives can be told yet somehow be laughable.

Recently a Sydney blogger tried but failed miserably.

In a recent yet extremely defensive blog I saw, the blogger tried his darnedest to debunk my most recent article “The Great Smoking Racket”.

The “Grand poohbah” took the usual yet very predictable jibes toward my article and me, yet he fell short at every turn.

The “Grand poohbah” has become very predicable by throwing out dismissive rhetoric designed to fool those who are outside the tribe of ideology over which he presides.

The aggressive yet defensible tone was undeniable!

Why do people attack? It’s either that or defend, right?

What is it exactly that the “Grand Poobah” of Australian tobacco control is trying to defend?

First let’s look at his predictable yet withering defense mechanism.

Over the last few months, a leading liberal senator, Australia's most experienced harm reductionist, a leader of a vaping advocacy organisation and now yours truly have been subjected to hell of a lot of diversionary character assignation attempts.

When the truth is in the way, what do they have left to throw at us?

The “Poohbah” loves to baffle his congregation with graphs that only a few would care to take the time to understand, ie. if they haven’t fallen asleep with the accompanying monologue already.

If you have a graph presented to you, the diatribe must be smart, right, and true?

Statistics like, “look at me and what our fellow ideologues have achieved over the last 40 years”, may seem impressive at a glance, but let’s take a closer look.

Over the last 6 years smoking rates have near stalled in Australia compared to other developed nations across the planet that have adopted and legalised much safer vaping with nicotine alternatives.

It has helped over 60 million people to find a ramp off smoking combustible tobacco.

Yet, “Grand Poobah” beats his chest like a leading chimp in the jungle to feed the wisdom of fools by inferring a “look at me, I’m great, she dumb” simple mentality which is clearly laughable.

There are fools who drink the juice given to them in this form of a modern day “Grand Poobah” tribal ceremony. (via his blog)

Beware of the chalice you are drinking from though!

I suggest as a fellow civilized human, get your information from your own investigations, especially when it comes to maintaining your health!

Seriously! We have come to that point of time where if we don’t, it is more than possible that you can be taken for a fool!

The predictable "here’s another graph accompanying back pedal weasel words", while trying to state that vaping isn’t reducing smoking rates is very old hat with horns!

Now I know that those who read my articles are no fools, but what the actual…?

Over 60 million people worldwide have quit smoking with a much safer alternative by vaping, and that doesn’t decrease the smoking rate?

Is there anyone that can save us from the drivel that impregnates our kingdom, specifically upon those who usually don’t subscribe to the jibe of this tribe led by the "Grand Poobah"?

Luckily these are more modern times to be able to source information from reliable means.

Try here:

“Grand Poobah” writes on his tablet, shows it to the tribe of fools and professes “see it’s not me, our organisation doesn’t do this for money!

We do this for love and health!” the dwindling crowd falls into mumbling sarcastic cheers.

“Grand Poobah” proclaims a lot of the darndest things, after all it does help him in his rocking chair knowing that he is still being noticed and not forgotten about.

However, as he ages his wisdom of how to cover up the greatest smoking racket in Australian history is becoming more and more difficult each day.

People who occupy seats in the great castle of Canberra are looking down on the old “Grand Poohbah” and beginning to question whether they have drunk the juice from the wrong chalice for too long.

When they start with KPI based grants for smoking, things will show up.

When enough of those people do realise that they have been hoodwinked by a buffoon they will punish the so called retired “GrandPoohbah” and their tribe.

It’s just a matter of when, not if!

It’s a day I will gladly chisel into my calendar!

Till then though, Australian vapers are being punished with punitive measures that will inevitably see more vapers going back to smoking and an even bigger widening of an existing black market for combustible tobacco products.

"A bit of a wacked article, yes I know right. You gotta have a crazy sense of humor to get through the madness of why or how there are people who want deadly big tobacco products to be more available than safer effective alternatives in 2021, but there is.

Some make a dam good living out of it too!

The truth will prevail, no old "Grand Poobah" type or other should have a say on your healthier choices! Advocating & educating others about the truth of adults vaping with nicotine are key to ensuring a healthier & brighter smoke free future for all! "

Have a great smoke free week all!


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