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A Current Brief Summary Of Australia's Anti-Vaping Shitshow!

Jan 30, 2024

by Pippa Starr

- A bunch of unelected overpaid NGO's leeching taxpayers money have created a racket whereby they benefit with millions of dollars while disguised as as a "Quit Industry", when really they are an "Anti Quit Industry" that relies on smoking being a problem and vaping to be perceived as one to keep the flow of public funds coming into their pockets!

- They (*NGO's & Govt helpers) threw adults under the bus to create a youth vaping problem by teaching kids how to vape and where to buy them!

They didn't entirely succeed, so they exaggerated/twisted and manipulated the figures anyway!

-In the process they caused a rising of an extremely dangerous and an unenforced black market!

-*They have forced many former smokers back to smoking and continue to do so with even further plans for further cruelty later this year!

-The NGO's have done a big job for such a small circus of selfish power and money hungry fools. Yet it's almost the perfect crime because they aren't suspected of any wrong doing although they have literally vandalised OUR Australian Govt public health system.

- These NGOs have convinced the health minister that he is on a one way ticket to glory through this process, yet nothing could be further from the truth!

Remember people, we are their employers!

We must sack them!

*They must be held accountable!

We did not vote for this shitshow and nor will we in the future!


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