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Book Pippa Starr For Your Next Event

This Is 

That Moment !

You are only a few clicks and a little info away from booking Pippa to speak at your next function!

Why Pippa Starr ? 

Her unique personal and career journey offers an intriguing insight on how to achieve success, while her passion for positive change is nothing short of inspiring!

Her experience of developing her career in various roles of the construction, logistics and retail industries while also dealing with massive life and personal challenges makes for an amazing yet unique experience. 

Pippa speaks on many topics followed with Q&A for the audience. 

Topics she can cover but are not limited to are:


- Sales & Marketing Techniques

- How To Maximize Sales & Profits 

- Making Space For LGBTQI people in your organisation.

- Her Unique Journey

- Progressive Thinking To Realise Your Potential

Within the talks she also encourages audience interaction as well as Q & A. 

Most talks go for around 15-20 mins before opening up the floor to Q&A for up to around 30 mins while also working in with the needs of your organisation. 

Now you can also have her talk with your organisation via Zoom!


Thank You! Pippa will Be in touch real soon!


NFI Careers

“Inciteful, intriguing, powerful!

Her views on the world from her unique yet experienced perspective not only took me on a journey but helped me to reflect on my own path forward" 

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