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Matt's Story

Hi my name is Matt.

I have now been smoke free for 8 years. 

I became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

"Since quitting smoking I now have more valuable time to spend with my kids."

Matt's Full Quit Story

I smoked for over 30 years.

I never smoked anywhere near my wife and never around my kids.

(They never knew I smoked back then)

From about 2008, my wife really wanted me to quit.

I tried everything, but nothing worked.

It got to the stage that my wife would be angry with me all the time over it.

No matter how much I wanted to quit, I couldn't go more than 3-4 months without relapsing.

I lost mum and dad in 2010-2012 and only smoked more because of the stress.

I even tried to hide my smoking sometimes.

Ultimately, I feel that the inability to stop smoking was a significant part of why we eventually got divorced in early 2016.

She never really understood how addictive tobacco was for me, and I was in the grip of addiction.

In desperation, I picked up an eLeaf vape in 2016, having no conviction that it could help.

Within 3 days, I stopped smoking forever.

If i had vaping earlier, it may not have saved my marriage, but it would have made it easier.

My point to this story is that smoking destroys lives.

Not just physically, but financially, and emotionally too.

I am so grateful for vapes.

I'm sure they saved and extended my life.

Further, they have given me insight and compassion for those stuck in a cycle of tobacco addiction.

I don't just want vaping for me, but I demand it for all the others having their lives ruined by tobacco addiction.

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