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Vegetable Garden

Maries's Story

Hi my name is Marie.

My husband and I have now been smoke free for 6 years. 

We became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

We can now enjoy running, gardening and spending time with our grandkids!

"Our Doctors have remarked that our lung capacity and heart health have improved significantly"

Marie's Full Quit Story

My husband and I had smoked cigarettes since our teens, we are now in our late 60s and gave up cigarettes in 2018 by switching to vapes.

We had tried many times to give up cigarettes with no success however from our first day of vaping we have not touched another cigarette.

We are a well educated professional couple still working and enjoying life,

in part due to an incredible improvement in our health since quitting cigarettes.


Our Doctors have remarked that our lung capacity and heart health have improved significantly, which was no surprise to us as we feel so much healthier and we are now able to sustain prolonged periods of aerobic activity.

We also no longer have any of the dreaded smokers cough which we previously had.

Our vaping journey has been very successful so far however we are fearful now that these new laws have been introduced.

We are very concerned that adults like us are being pushed back into the “legal” world of cigarettes because it is so difficult to access our vapes and liquid nicotine now.

We are a couple who do not drink alcohol and we think it is very unfair to be treated as somehow drug dependent individuals because we choose to vape but if we choose to drink or smoke cigarettes those things are readily available as an adult.

We are also Labor voters and very disappointed by this government decision which appears to have totally disregarded the established science from experts around the world about vaping as a therapeutic approach to quitting cigarettes.
I hope the cross bench and opposition can make some sensible changes to this policy.

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