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Diane's Story

Hi my name is Diane.

I have now been smoke free for 10 years. 

I became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

Since quitting smoking for good I have been able to not only afford but enjoy overseas holidays as oppossed to when I was a smoker.

Diane's Full Quit Story

I am 60 years old and started smoking at the age of 15.

When I was 44 I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer and I was desperate to give up smoking.

The doctor suggested patches and other regular stop smoking aides but after trying them all I still couldn't stop smoking for more than a day.

Thankfully after going through many operations and chemo I was able to recover from cancer.

When I turned 50 years old I decided it was time to try again as I was worried about my health and really didn't want to go down the same path as my mother who had smoked most of her adult life and was suffering greatly from COPD and then also had to have a triple bypass after a heart attack.

Again, I tried several supermarket quit smoking aides with no luck. I then researched alternative methods and I decided to try vaping.

I ordered a ecig look alike from America and since the first day I took up vaping I have not touched a cigarette, my health has improved greatly.

If it wasn't for vaping I would probably still be smoking now but after 10 years I am still smoke free.

My family are much happier and they no longer have to endure any second smoke or put up with the stench.

I feel that if I had looked into vaping earlier and it was more readily available in Australia I would've been able to quit smoking much earlier than I did.

It should be easier to obtain locally so others like myself would have a much better chance of giving up smoking for good.

Like smoking it should not be available to minors however I don't believe it is a gateway to smoking in fact it's the opposite it is a gateway out of smoking.

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