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Fishing Rod

Brad's Story

Hi my name is Brad.

I have now been smoke free for over 10 years. 

I became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

"Since quitting smoking for good I have been able to enjoy camping, fishing amd bike riding a lot more."

Brad's Full Quit Story

My name is Brad, I'm 45 years old.

My wife and I have been smoke-free now for over 10 years.

I smoked for 16 years and tried numerous times to give up.

After taking up smoking as teenagers and trying everything we could to quit,

we discovered vapes and never looked back.

I was fortunate enough to find out about this new thing called vaping, with a 510 ego battery and clearomizer I was able to give up cigarettes.

No more morning cough, no more stinky clothes, and we are far more active.

I have no doubt vaping has saved us from a certain death sentence, and am hopeful that our policy makers will continue to allow smokers easy access to this lifesaving consumer product.

 I have seen a great improvement to my health, no more coughing, I don't lose my breath as easily.

The new vaping laws will impact me greatly, the prescription devices are just insufficient and the juice has too much nicotine in it and the flavours are horrendous. Adults like flavours.

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