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Australia, Let's Improve Vaping Education!

We are a movement, what do we do?




Create Change

We are the vapers of Australia and we are done with the propaganda!


Are you concerned about the laws that are being made for vapers in Australia?

Are you concerned about the Australian Government's neglect of their responsibilty to embrace harm reduction?

Do you want to do something that will bring about positive change? 


If you have answered yes to these questions, you may consider joining the movement so many more Australians can stay ALIVE!


To Join simply fill in the form here typing in the subject area "Join" and we will send you more information about how you get involved! 



Thanks for submitting!

Media Spokesperson

Are you looking for someone who can speak on behalf of vaping consumers and A.L.I.V.E. ?

Pippa Starr is available to take your questions and deliver the answers that Australia needs to hear! 

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