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Adam's Story

Hi my name is Adam.

I have now been smoke free for 6 years. 

I became smoke free by switching to vaping. 

"Since quitting smoking for good I walk 5 kilometres a day to work and back and have no problem running up and down stairs."

Adam's Full Quit Story

I am 48 years old and father to 4 kids.

I had been a smoker since the age of 14.

After numerous attempts at quitting over the years, my partner and I after the birth of my 3rd child decided that after all other methods had failed (cold turkey, Champix, patches, Nicobate etc) we decided to give vaping a go.

After the first time we tried in 2018, neither of us have lit a cigarette since.

We used an open refillable tank style device legally imported from the US as it was at the time.

Taking a step further, my partner completely ended her relationship with Nicotine in 2021 by reducing the level of nicotine in the e-liquid gradually over time.

She has been vape (and tobacco) free since then, completely under her own volition and without medical intervention or advice.


Myself, I still use a vape occasionally but not regularly and with zero or near zero nicotine.

While I declare myself free from nicotine dependance I still use it sparingly for it's mild stimulant and caffeine-like effects.


 Since quitting tobacco I have rejoined a gym, doing spin classes, pump classes and weight lifting 3 times a week.

I walk 5 kilometres a day to work and back and have no problem running up and down stairs.

It's fair to say that vaping has been a life-changing product and I would strongly encourage any long-term smoker to consider making the switch to a provably less harmful alternative.

Share your quit story!

I'm always looking to hear about the ways that helped you quit smoking! 

Email through your quit story today along with your favourite pastime you now enjoy since being a non smoker! 

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