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I'm currently doing some remodeling on this this site.

Currently some links will go to safe external websites until further updates are applied. 

There is still lots of great information to read and learn about via the various links.

In the meantime, bare with me as I aim to make this site the most helpful and informative website in Australia for tobacco harm reduction information. 

Reading the Paper

Latest News

Latest articles and information effecting all things regarding Tobacco Harm Reduction in Australia

Smoking by a Window

Quit Stories

Share your quit smoking journey to help others or read how others have quit smoking to realise how it can really be done!

Public Demonstration

Calls To ACtion

You can be the person who makes a real difference in the health of Australian smokers! How?

Magnifying Glass

The Evidence

A deep dive into the real evidence that can help Australia make smarter choices in Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Judge and Gavel

The Laws

Laws effecting tobacco reduction products in Australia are complex, I have simplified them ina easy to understand page.

smoke free tas insult.JPG

key Stakeholders

Who is effecting changes in laws that influence tobacco tax revenues and nicotine consumers in Australia? 

pituri in use.JPG

The History

How did Australia get to this time when smoking has become

more legal to access than tobacco harm reduction  products?


truth vs Myths

A quick way to determine the facts from the fiction with real evidence based truths and debunking myths about tobacco harm reduction. 

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